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According to Citrine, a parahuman with access to a large number of information resources, claims 'Goddess' is a title Bianca chose. When it came to his teammates and the PRT staff, he could read their emotions and he could sense the degree to which they cared and didn’t care. This article is a list of shards that are known to exist so far. Yamada's therapy groups, as its members became closer; Chris stated that "the reason for this project is supposed to be we know each other". You’re trying to be all dramatic, all intense for your viewers, and they’re just sitting at their computers, snorting over how much you suck. Hunch was content to work and communicate with his teammates from the command station, not going directly into the action. He casually sent women he tired of to their deaths in shootouts with local authorities, and he. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you get a surprise. The Thanda are a type of cape operating in the Indian sub-continent. The term applies to most of the parahumans in North America and is applied to other parahumans outside it, regardless of how closely those parahumans fit into the "superhero" paradigm. (Parahumans)/Original Male Character(s) (1) Taylor Hebert | Skitter | Weaver/Original Male Character(s) (1) Exclude Additional Tags …. His clones were modeled off of him. There are multiple ways for parahumans, non-humans or groups to be labeled a class-S threat. The team formed initially out of one of Dr. The dreaming plague was a plague designed to put parahumans to sleep and eventually kill them unless they were given treatment. Thinker powers do not necessarily make an individual smarter, although increased intelligence is considered a Thinker power. Dinah Alcott is the niece of Brockton Bay's mayor and a powerful precognitive. When asked to minimize collateral damage, she was. Invincible isn't really the same kind of story as Worm is, though. It was at the North end of Brockton Bay, about a forty minute walk from the Downtown portal. Cauldron has it's fingers in pretty much all of the pies, like Alexadria starting the PRT. “Maybe there’s another use for it,” Tattletale said. He is the second of the Endbringers to appear and is considered the "middle child" between Behemoth and the Simurgh. They are likely powered by shards like most things in Worm. It's fine for "Worm" to work as a title after you've read the entire work, and know about the worm-like parastic entities and the. March, real name May, is an itinerant villain, late of New York. For discussion of all things related to Kill Six Billion Demons by writer and artist Abbadon. In personality, he remains passionate, but his actions, especially those toward enemies, …. Changers can alter their form, appearance, or natural …. Taylor attempting to 1v1 Leviathan to save the shelter. He wears white functional robes similar to Myrddin, with armor present underneath, a golden chain around his waist with a goat's. Main article: The Folk Group that makes sure everyone can …. Contessa chose her path when she was a young girl and followed it unflinching for decades. In interlude 13 I believe, Piggot talks about how capes are outnumbered by regular citizens around 1 to 8,000 in urban areas, and around 1 to 26,000 In rural areas. The BB Wards know eachother - an essentially unavoidable end of the requirements and restrictions placed on them. The Lord’s Port, more commonly known as the Boat Graveyard, was a section of Brockton Bay's coastline occupied with sunken ships. Alec, born Jean-Paul Vasil and known as Regent in costume, is the son of Nikos Vasil and a member of the Undersiders. Worm does a great job of creating scenarios where Dragon's inability to break the law forces her to do things that she and the reader consider to be immoral (e. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. He often demonstrates a lack of empathy towards the concerns of others if he doesn't share their point of view on the matter, such as in the …. Whatever they did, I recall Taylor using her bugs to clean up the mess. Team Reach, or just Reach, was a corporate hero team active prior to Gold Morning. Fautline - Don't think she's a striker. The Azn Bad Boys, or just the ABB, is a major gang based in Brockton Bay. Worm - Is there an in-universe reason why true psychic powers don't exist? I understand from a writing or storytelling perspective why WB just wouldn't want to deal with psychics. However, he still feels quite frustrated. They are essentially a Corporate Team but unlike most corporate teams they are focused on their religious calling. Akemi, known publicly as Black Kaze, was a cell-block leader in the Birdcage. You might want to take a break, re-read Worm, or read something else before you dive into Ward. Like others with powers manifesting at an early age, Elle's ability obfuscates her personality. At the beginning of Worm, Bitch has three dogs that are trained to obey her while under the effects of her power: Brutus, Judas, and Angelica. While widely recognized as heavy hitters, they hold back from using their powers to the fullest so. The story is it’s own beast with its own original cast of central characters. Worm is a fantasy fiction story about Taylor, a teenage girl with an unconventional superpower, who becomes involved in the local 'cape' scene's politics and morals. Although she had a high pain tolerance, she hated being injured, as it brought back memories of her trigger event. Gully dreamed of being a team captain, but believed she could never be chosen because of her condition. The Worm Feats and Source Thread. Elle needs to actively explore the worlds she connects to and creates, in …. 1,570 pages Explore Help Out Top Articles Community Home View source The Parahumans Wiki is a wiki dedicated to everything about the Worm and Ward web serials that anyone can edit. In her tower form, she is the largest Endbringer yet encountered. [] That would be why PRT advice for dealing with breakers was to catch them when they weren’t breaker. He still feels regret over his father's death. and the Bay of Capes: Girl Genius/Worm 3. Entirety of Arc 1: Gestation (Chapters 1. They appear as crystalline structures continually folding and unfolding in multiple dimensions. These cyoas, also called Jumpchains if you research them, could be connected to one well known fictional world, a newly-changed version of the real world, or a generic setting of a sci-fi/fantasy/etc. Nessa Biermann was the twin sister of Jessica Biermann, the cousin of Heith Anders and a member of the Empire Eighty-Eight. Love the randomness aspect where you might not get the power you necessarily want. Parahumans Online is the premier cape site for gossip and serves as the site. His daughter forms the basis of the Siberian. They were mainly known for pressuring all young Asians in that part of the city to join; this was unusual, as most Asian gangs will recruit from a single …. Haven is a team of Christian superheroes popular in the Bible Belt of the United States of America. "There's more than one solution to that. Tinker: Issue proves difficult to resolve, unsolvable problem, typically over an extended period of time (weeks or months). Tinkers are distinct from other parahumans in that their powers don't work through them so much as they enable them to fabricate things: They can create devices or alter existing devices well beyond usual restrictions of education. The lowest fatality rate for a fight with Leviathan was 1 in 4 parahumans. Without Coil's interference, she might have just stopped trying to use her power. Chastity Vasil is a daughter of Heartbreaker and an older member of the Heartbroken. Knew his work and had a highly professional attitude. Michael Walsh, known publicly as the superhero Halo, is a member of Haven. 4 Known Classifications 5 Trivia 6 References 7 Site Navigation Current Classifications In the modern day, the PRT has twelve different categories: [9] It's possible for parahumans to receive hybrid [10] and sub-classifications. She is a major character in Worm's sequel, Ward. After he discovered his specialty, he's able to work around his disorders much more effectively, and hit his stride as a Tinker. The fact he can't go back to human is probably a feature, not a bug, the sahrd encouraging him toward conflict by taking away the possibility of laying low. None of main cast would be friends in such a world, if they even show up at all. Version 4 and 4 Rogue Expansion …. You’re a sad, pathetic killer with delusions of grandeur. Parahumans that might have been mundane elsewhere were driven to scary extremes by the hatred and persecution. He was generally reclusive, preferring to isolate himself. For a full grown woman with her range of experiences she is still naive about things. The player can build from the class—-thinker tinker brute stranger etc. He maintains a blog where he discusses his writing, as well as regularly interacting with fans online. Parahumans were secretly active for several years prior to their first public appearances. You feel a genuine outrage when the weak are bullied and when wrongs are done. She is prone to action paralysis and often dissociates. We could of course not read it in that case, but that's not really a good solution for either party. Glory Girl - One big point of her power is the force field. The protagonist, a former resident of one of the asylums, is faced with a choice: to help or to resist the new heroes and villains in a second golden age. Those big SOBs are a major stumbling block if you don’t have a. Number One, as with the rest of his brothers, is sadistic, having no qualms in hurting or killing people. Sub-Terrestrial Lifeforms: She didn't know whether this was a strange parahuman power, the work of Being X, or something else entirely, but one thing always remained the same: in a world gone mad and drenched in …. Worm (Parahumans, #1) by Wildbow reviews on Goodreads; Search Engines. He grabbed the rope ladder first, but he didn’t climb fast enough. Technically she changes a good amount of nothing in the area: only how people perceive it. Dragon described Marquis as "sometimes rude or casually cruel, but he remained deeply honorable beneath that. The Merchants were a small group of drug dealers with no real aspirations aside from getting rich selling and taking drugs, only using their powers to make their line of work …. Victoria to Aroa Vasil Mouse Protector was an independent hero and former Inaugural Ward. She does not usually talk to the press and has a no-nonsense attitude to leadership. Heartbreaker is an incredibly cruel and narcissistic individual, carrying little empathy for others. Biter is a parahuman that worked under Bitch. He later became the leader of the Protectorate after Legend stepped down, and ultimately became the leader of the Wardens. Without the form, they were often powerless or far weaker. A lot of this won’t make sense otherwise and if you do find …. Weaverdice is a roleplaying game based on the setting of Worm. , imprisoning Canary, outing Skitter, etc. He called out Dragon when she made the excuse of following orders despite disagreeing with these measures. Gavel is sadistic: He uses his power to force his target to fly through air until they hit something, at which point they were pulverized. Him struggling, adapting, and getting sub-optimal victories. Read 3 discussions on Amy Dallon (Panacea)'s personality in Worm (Parahumans) (Literature). Open menu Open navigation Go to Reddit Home. Thinkers have powers related to knowledge, skills and enhanced perception. She had the perfect build to take advantage of it. He can move the visor up, if needed. Taylor Alexandria is a member of the Triumvirate, the former second-in-command of the Protectorate and leader of the Los Angeles. Arc 0: Glow-worm The Glow-worm chapters were a teaser event leading up to Worm 2. Brian is a cautious individual who tries to prevent emotion from affecting his …. Gregor the Snail is a Case 53 cape and a member of Faultline’s Crew. He is more than happy to take advantage of a situation against a target if given the chance and is a loyal soldier who was more then happy to carry out …. Government control of parahumans, with and without Cauldron Wildbow's stance on society Clarifying on government control of parahumans from above The entities dealing with a space-faring species (joke) The entities dealing with a space-faring species (serious) Info on how budding actually works Scion-wielded or otherwise unlimited shard. Goblin Queen is yet another Worm/Exalted crossover, but the author's gone to some effort to make this really work. When taken captive, she makes no effort to request release or otherwise lose face, but instead remains calm. " This article contains spoilers regarding the ending of Worm and plot of the sequel. Wearing someone else’s skin, living their life. Prior to gaining her powers, Noelle struggled with anorexia. He is roughly two meters long and one and half meters tall at the …. Her mother bent over backwards to give May a happy life and her daughter seemed willing to help out. Spawner is a special hybrid clone of Crawler and Breed created by Bonesaw during the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand. He would later become The Nemean Titan. Skitter was, 100%, without a doubt, human. Worm Story Search (external link) is an automatically updated list of fanfic posted for this fandom on Spacebattles Forum, Sufficient Velocity, Questionable Questing, A03, and Fanfiction. These names are based on terms used by Glaistig Uaine, the Warrior Entity, the Thinker Entity, Wildbow, and in a few cases the shards' self-descriptive "personal names. It is a game currently in development with a stable 2. She promised herself that she would strike a balance between her two careers …. Chuckles is a serial killer, and member of the Slaughterhouse Nine. Behemoth (pronounced: "bih-HEE-moth") is the first of the Endbringers to appear. Weaver Nine has Jack Slash and Taylor switch places. "Wildbow" McCrae and the first installment of the Parahumans series, known for subverting and playing with common tropes and themes of superhero fiction. Thinker: Emotional or mental strain, reaching a crisis point in a short period of time. He is a dangerous individual with the potential to be an S-Class threat, and was worth imposing a Quarantine Zone over his location. ; Leviathan roughly means the twisting one and is the second creature in what can be called an Abrahamic trinity of beasts. " This article is based on material from PRT: Department Sixty-Four that may not be canon to the world of Parahumans. Victor is a member of The Shepherds and a former member of Empire Eighty-Eight. Fortuna born on a different Earth (Speculative, could be born in 1968). Mush is a member of the Merchants. Flight, speed, teleportation, etc. Capricorn noted that he rarely spoke up in online chat. Like Toadswallow and Liberty specifically dealt with goblins who either wanted to be more accessible or kept them PG13 where as in Jacob's Bell Mags dealt with Goblins who had no filter or oversight, she was. But, with the exception of these small complains, I love the efort and the work behind this post. Christine Mathers, Mama Mathers to outsiders and her kin, or just Mama to Fallen respectful of the Matriarch. Spree has a master ability that allows him to produce a large amount of duplicates of himself in a very short amount of …. Worm (Parahumans #1) novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Action, and Sci-fi genres. Amy Dallon (Panacea) is an ISFJ personality type and 9w1 in Enneagram. [82] She was the first canon character introduced who stayed in the Parahumans universe. Ward Audiobook It is over 224 hours long. Shielder was a hero, protecting many people in his career and saving many lives when Leviathan attacked Brockton Bay. The Boat Graveyard was located North of the Market. Inspired by the game Breeding Season. Basic ‘eyes on’ protocols initiated, with team members maintaining constant eye contact with one another, and eyes on the changer. Nursery described him as "not as scary as you pretend to be just a man who's dressing up". She's taciturn and impatient with the ….

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The sample itself is a colored, metallic, …. Myrddin was the leader of the Chicago Protectorate team. Quinlan Taylor Hebert attended Winslow for years, and was bullied extensively by The Trio. He gave me a look that was just short of a glare. Parahumans 2 is a serialized story that follows the events of the web serial Worm, where the world ended two years ago and the parahuman asylums are now fractured and …. March Madness (Fanart by Ridtom) upvotes · comments. After the Empire's splintering, he joins Hookwolf's "Fenrir's Chosen".

Madison's future is full of mysteries, intrigues, and unexpected events. Seemed overly maternal, and claimed she knew what was really scary and so was not easily intimidated. Tohu is one of the Twins, an Endbringer. If it takes him one year to climb one point on the scale, he'd be at 10. He can mis-read social situations and talk unnecessarily. Audacious and disrespectful of all authority save his own, and possibly those of his peers, other leaders of the Elite. When he was assigned to Brockton Bay, Sere was only somewhat known by the Brockton Bay public at the time.

Breed, civilian name Bradley, was a founding member of the Slaughterhouse Nine. The Manton Limit is one of the best ideas in Worm. A few considerations keep stopping me but I’m making a concentrated effort to do so this time. A couple notes beforehand, Scion and Eden are extensions of the Warrior and the Thinker, respectively, but are not the same characters: they only retain a select few choice powers, and the rest are distributed among the parahumans. Gregor the Snail is a Case 53 cape and a member of Faultline’s Crew. Brute: Experiencing physical harm or pain. The Triumvirate is a term that refers to the three remaining members of the original Protectorate team who are believed to be the greatest heroes in the United States, if not the world. As Echidna, she is shown to be a clever opponent, though as the fight went on she became ….

Watch is a professional mercenary.

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Golem to Jack Jacob Black, better known as Jack Slash, is the leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine. Master is one of the twelve power classifications created by the PRT still in modern day use. His power is technically a Thinker/Trump, because he grants other people the power when he touches them (so Striker/ThinkerTrump). Power (s): *Instance 1: Subject gained Mover 4/Breaker 2 classifications; semi-corporeal form allowing flight and enhanced mobility at the cost of full interactive ability. When in the asylum and provided for Sveta was very shy and kind, and her inability to control her. Greg Veder is a student at Winslow High and a classmate of Taylor Hebert's.

While his two co-rivals were both charismatic and powerful individuals who formed splinter groups after Kaiser's death, …. Desdemona "Dez" Shelley, known publicly as Roulette, is a member of the Anchorage Wards. 1 Description 2 Trigger events 3 Common combinations with other ratings 4 PRT countermeasures 5 Known Breakers 6 References 7 Site Navigation Description Nearly all powers have some small element of Breaker to them: [4] the innate defenses of parahumans that keep their own powers from harming them are generally Breaker powers. She was casually dating Triumph, but it was a strictly short …. As a result of childhood trauma and the early activation of her passenger, Ashley is significantly mentally unbalanced, being excessively ambitious, narcissistic, megalomaniacal, and paranoid. The PHQ is a floating base of operations that serves as the base of the Brockton Bay Protectorate. Initially Weaverdice was meant to be a system-agnostic guideline for character/power creation within the Worm setting for any TTRPG, but eventually evolved into a. I checked the wiki and it also says that the principle behind Sting is that it allows attacks to reach every alternate dimension. Otherwise she was a normal, snarky teenager that sought competence and independence. 5 ish at worm start and 13 at GM. These are Parahumans who, if left to their own devices, can cause the widest scales of destruction. Reply greenTrash238 Stranger • Additional comment actions She can kill through touch and add any parahuman she kills to her collection. Related to this, he followed something of a personal "warrior's code" that supposedly guided his actions. My guess for Sleeper is a large scale shaker power, like Leviathan's, or the Simurgh's scream, that puts him in the latter category. She has a no nonsense attitude and initially keeps Weaver on a very tight leash. They can be divided into twelve different groups: Mover is a common secondary rating, often in the form of flight: It's in fact so common that flying. How much of that is just the fact parahumans exist and are very active we can't entirely pin down. They can choose to employ the form's power or to exit the breaker form, but that is all. Revel is a member of the Chicago Protectorate team. He knew how to use the advanced features of the PHO search function. Bianca, known to most by her preferred name Goddess, is the dictator of Earth Shin. There's also a WoG about how breakers with always on powers are much more closely linked to their passenger than others. Imp has a similar insouciant personality to Regent, but she is insolent, and rebellious rather than lazy. According to Gallant, she drives like a maniac. At some point before the start of Worm, a cape appeared that made people in their vicinity develop Corona Pollentias and trigger. Question 4: a bunch of them but nothing in particular.

Victoria to Karen Vick Stranger is one of the twelve power classifications created by the PRT still in modern day use.

Movers have powers related to mobility. Gregor has a habit of paying hundreds of dollars to have goods delivered to him rather that buy …. My personal theory on this is that the Sleeper is an immensely powerful Breaker/Shaker, who has two forms; a human form, which Khepri saw, and a undulating storm of colours, which was mentioned in the 'Last' arc. This was something of a pet art project that I worked on over the course of several months in weird bursts of productivity. Victoria Breaker is one of the. Parahumans Online is the premier cape site for gossip and serves as the site. Wildbow has stated that Sleeper was included in Worm as a result of a fan's comment that not every character should be fully explained. The player is the chosen one with a special shard that can resurrect you and evolve. Animaster Teaser: Animorphs/Worm 6. Panacea is overpowered because she is in a situation where she would cause conflict because of it. Tohu and Bohu first appear in Bucharest on October 10, 2012, and defeat the assembled parahumans. John C Reilly would be perfect as Eidolon. As "Supreme Earth", it was the setting for an early draft of Worm. Browbeat is a member of the Brockton Bay Wards. Lustrum is a long-haired woman with matronly features who wears a prison uniform that has been modified into heavier cargo pants and a jacket. Noelle Meinhardt is a member and the former leader of the Travelers. Containment foam is a yellow-white in colour. Atlas has a Hercules beetle body plan, scaled up to a huge size. • Threads and private messages are ordered by user custom preference. She's taciturn and impatient with the …. Doormaker was a core utility of Cauldron. Grue speculated that she had picked up this habit trying to impress a crowd. I live in Brockton Bay, a worn-down coastal city on the edge of New Hampshire.

Your type of trigger event ties into what power you get.

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The Elite is the largest villain organization and arguably the second-largest parahuman organization in the United States. By date posted it came before Version 4. She has a no nonsense attitude and initially keeps Weaver on a very tight leash. Site rules Staff roster Help files. Coil is a meticulous and paranoid planner, going out of his way to make sure he is secure and protected at all times. I designed this costume to be elegant without being attention-getting. Othala wore a skintight red bodysuit with an icon based on the Odal rune in the center in black. • 12 days ago My experience with woolobale stories (I just started pact) Wildbow. So you can use it as an add-on for versions 1 through 3. For minor parahuman characters, see the List of Parahuman Characters. These characters played a small to no role in the main plotlines. She eventually left the Brockton Bay Wards and joined the Undersiders under the codename Foil. What merit is a gamble, a sacrifice, if you stake things that matter nothing to you?Phir Sē to Weaver Phir Sē (pronounced “fear …. Vex has the ability to fill empty spaces with hundreds of small, razor-sharp forcefields, with collective, cumulative resistance. Christine Mathers, Mama Mathers to outsiders and her kin, or just Mama to Fallen respectful of the Matriarch. Three months later she finally succeeds in finding her way through a crack, with some unfortunate side effects on her ability to control her new powers. It is the first novel in the Parahumans series. There's no equivalent in Worm, imo. This guy made himself custom prints. Written for Distraktion, as part of the Cauldron's Give-a-Fic-a-Thon 2023. Winter was heedless of the Unwritten ….

Favorite Worm/Ward fanfiction? : r/Parahumans. The Heartbroken are the supervillain family previously headed by Nikos Vasil, AKA Heartbreaker, and currently led by Aisha Laborn. Top 5 strongest parahumans : r/Parahumans. Madeline, known publicly as Winter, is a supervillian and a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine. Kid Win Unleashed (Ward Spoilers) : r/Parahumans. She preferred to wear "high fashion". Invincible isn't really the same kind of story as Worm is, though. Is Worm considered long? : r/Parahumans. Protectorate ENE Headquarters. He is quite laid-back; this may be due to …. Worm Memes: Worm memes and humor. Weekly Worm Character Discussion #59: Crawler : r/Parahumans …. r/Parahumans on Reddit: Do you prefer Pact's depiction of Others, or. Power granting, either significantly more powerful than Teacher's or ability to manually activate Corona Pollentias in people. MCU Heroes in the Wormverse : r/Parahumans. (Spoiler Worm All) Three questions concerning Cauldron Vials. The Nemesis Program : r/Parahumans. Worm Test Prints! : r/Parahumans. Worm just ruined My hero academia for me : r/Parahumans. The Wildbow Iceberg : r/WormMemes. The parahuman plague : r/Parahumans. Red Queen/Original Male Character(s). r/Parahumans on Reddit: What person(s) would you consider the …. As Chariot, he wore an ever-evolving suit of power armor. ILLUSTRATION: The Ambassadors : r/Parahumans. He can extend this ability by flaying people and stitching or stapling their skin to his own. Worm Discord Emoji Album : r/Parahumans. r/Parahumans on Reddit: Worm. As such, the terms Changer and Shifter are often used interchangeably. Worm (Parahumans) MBTI Personality Type. Tattletale says that Spitfire was too kind to have been visited as Burnscar's pick for a prospective member of the Slaughterhouse Nine. Parahumans Series by Wildbow. Tinker Triggers : r/Parahumans. List of All Official Capes with Powers and Other Stuff : r/Parahumans. Worm]Let's brainstorm Stranger powers : r/Parahumans. Dauntless power level at start of worm confuse me. The protagonist, a former resident of one of the asylums, is faced with a choice: to help or to resist the new heroes and villains in a second golden age. They are created when multiple trigger events happen at the same location under a short period, in what are known as multiple-triggers, group triggers, cluster-triggers, and matched powers. Weekly Worm Character Discussion #70: Bonesaw : r/Parahumans …. The Feasibility of a Physical Worm Book : r/Parahumans. Scientia Weaponizes The Future Sci. Why did Cauldron even do this? : r/Parahumans. PHO Interlude Generator (Worm). The Manton Limit is one of the best ideas in Worm : r/Parahumans.