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Kawasaki Wont Start How to Diagnose and Fix an ATV that Wont Start: Kawasaki.  a Kawasaki Wont Start Kawasaki Wont Start Dropped my bike like an idiot, now he won't start.  Kawasaki Wont Start

It never ran perfect but not at all, c'mon. i can hear the starter whirl and try to start the bike up but it just won’t turn over. If you have no power there move to the switch. scagman52 said: Try adjusting the valves. The battery is new and charged, I get a full 12+ volts on the multi meter. Imagine riding on the trails and starting to feel the heat from the vehicle so unbearable that you have to exit and let it cool down. Checked the voltage where it ENTERS the solenoid, 12. If not, then look into the starter clutch. It backfires out of the intake and exhaust. Got a Prairie 360 4x4 2003 and wont start. That is what it is there for, When you turn the. It turns over, I have spark and fuel to the spark plug. Rincon riding buddy brought me an 09 (I think) KFX90 that he got for his kids. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Two days ive - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic Does my Kawasaki have a anti theft device JA: What is the make/model/year of your bike? Customer: teryx krx4 1000 JA: Are you fixing your bike yourself? What have you tried so …. I followed the procedure to reset the light over 15 times. repeat opening and grounding the lead more than 5 times with in 2 seconds keep grounded for more than 2 seconds. In short, could be Battery not charged. Furthering the clutch lever switch issue, make sure your transmission is in neutral. Diagnosing no spark and replacing ignition wires on an ez go txt golf cart. 09 teryx- msd ignition - water impellar - half windsheild - uni filter - standard muzzy - sdr rear bumper - hid lights - dalton clutch- water temp guage - ss108 14 inch with terra cross - dasa kebc block off plate - brake alarm buzzer - over. This is what I have done: The charged the battery. -Fuel broken down (used stabilizer). Cranked for a long time and finaly started puttering. Re-install plugs, and the bike SHOULD start. Shop by Popular Kawasaki Small Engine Models. When I turn the switch to start, the starter engages and tries to turn the engine but the engine won't turn. Battery voltage falls off radically with a drop in temperature. I try it full throttle, half, choked, not choked doesn't seem to make any difference. I'm new to Kawasaki so I'm not sure what's wrong please help. Dec 10, 2016 • kawasaki 2005 Mule 3010 4x4. When I go to start, fuel pump primes. Ok here's a little back story about the bike. I mean, it may give one exhaust note every few seconds, like it catches once, but mostly it's just a whining sound from the starter and gears. If this is a gasoline cart, set the switch to “ON” and take a reading between the terminals. Mechanic refused to check it out or even run diagnostics earlier on, so now it's become a problem (like I thought it would) and pretty much on my own here. Pull neutral safety wire, get no click at all. I have an 86 Kawasaki Concours 1000 cc. Any dealer can hook it up to their KDS system and tell you what the problem is or you can buy your own manual and. After disconnecting and reconnecting sensors and the battery, and checking the fuel pump fuse it started. New plug and my quad is running like new. You should have power going in with the button pushed. kz1000 cranks but wont start 08 Sep 2010 14:57 #397070. The headlight should come on and be steady. When a Kawasaki engine revving fluctuates, this is known as “surging” and it is a direct result of inconsistent volumes of fuel and air being delivered to the engine’s combustion chamber. Quad has about 25-30 hours on it. I set the rear timing marks up on the cam, then rotated teh engine 270 degrees and set up the front cam. Check the fuel system; Inspect the ignition system; Examine the electrical system; Address mechanical issues. the first day the bike ran super smooth but at the end of the day on day 2 the bike will no longer turn on. My craftsman riding lawn mower won't start unless I. I thought I had a dead battery but I charged it and it still won’t crank. I got it home and off the truck and it started right up. Update on "John Deere (Kawasaki) 14hp FC420V "K" series will not start". A few days ago my 2020 4010 Trans would not start. I tried to start it on Thursday, and it's a no go. Have a 08 teryx 750 with 199 hrs. immediately try to restart without touching anything and it will NOT start (just crank and crank) I expect that it should start and idle like it was just before turning it off but this is not the case. When the ignition is on, the fuel pump cannot be heard, the starter is running, but the engine does not start (no fuel). If you have a air compressor blow a little air through it after spraying the cleaner. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, Vulcan 1500, Vulcan 2000, Vulcan 500, …. Dec 23, 2021 / Scag with Kawasaki Won't Start. I've got a Kawasaki 24 hp FR691V bought new in 2010. This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving. Also be careful when connecting jump start leads - even a momentary reversed polarity connection will cause problems. Put in a new battery, had fuel still in it, so it cranks strong but won't catch fire. Not sure but the rear plug was completely blackened as if no spark, motor turns over but won't start Technician: Curtis B. It is also a high current switch. Quad had about 2000 miles on it. Checked fuel, spark and compression, was all good so checked and adjusted lash and fired right up. If the voltage doesn't drop, I would work through earths then look at. Their main issue was that the vehicle suddenly and unexpectedly stalled on them when they were driving it. If it's the first (no starter), check the run switch on the throttle side and make sure that it's in the run mode. Yamaha Vstar 250 won't start: need to diagnose and fix possible fuel, battery, or flooded carb. If it's not then your in tank fuel pump contacts are corroded or the pump is bad. I have a 2003 Kawasaki Prairie 650 with under 300 miles. Ground for start relay is pin 12 to clutch switch to ground with clutch lever pulled in, and through neutral switch with the clutch lever out. I have had it for about 3 years and I bought it new. Checked the fuel pump and it is pumping out fuel, checked the spark plug and it is sparking, … read more. Spark plugs utilize voltage to produce the spark at the top of your engine that is required for combustion. Depending on how the machine is set up, while cranking, the oil pressure may be intermittently 'low' causing the flashing light. Wait for a couple of minutes and it will start right up. JohnDeere318Guy Discussion starter. Worse yet, it can cause significant engine damage. If your riding lawn mower engine clicks when you turn the key but won’t turn over, there’s a pretty good chance your mower could have a bad starter solenoid. Get spark at the plug and it is good and strong. It wont start and he doesnt know whats wrong with it. Do the same between the positive battery post and the positive cable end at the starter, should read less than a volt. By not crank over, but it will turn over, do you mean the electric starter is not working but the manual starter works? If that is the case, start with the battery and work you way back from the cables to be sure the battery is fully charged and of adequate capacity, the cables are clean on both ends and no rust on the grounds, the pigtail on the ground cable is connected to the fused pigtail. Motor on the Exmark mower I have is not running well. 5 on 200 scale is technically 0 which the book wants to see. The 3010 has an electric fuel pump. I go to start it and this happens (see video). The mower has always ran and started perfect. We did a long ride up in Maine recently. Some of the factors that can affect your Kawasaki’s ability to start are: Battery condition and connections. I have taken the following off the list. Six Most Common Kawasaki Mule 4010 Problems: The six most common problems you’ll encounter as a Mule 4010 owner are: DFI Light Problem. Haven’t been riding much so I took it around the block started fine and rode 5 min then let it idle and turned off and started a few times. Please consider creating a new thread. have a kawasaki mule 4010 trans 4x4. Solution: Make sure the clip is in place. This can be due to bad fuel, clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump, dirty carburetor, bad spark plug, faulty switch bad starter solenoid, or dead battery. Take the plug out of the bike and put it back into the coil wire. You’d be surprised how often the solution to an ATV that won’t start is forgetting to turn on the. I have noticed, however, that if it doesn't start in a couple of kicks, continuing to kick it will flood and make it impossible to start. I replaced that and it fired right up. It was running great until now. If it has nothing, it is a problem with the button/safety relay (it's in the rubber. LONG flashes indicate TENS and short flashes ONES. 2 stroke has fuel and spark but won’t start. New carb, reset valves and simply wont fire. Prime suspect is bad power cables. Check for spark at the plug by removing the plug from the head and grounding it to the block. Put new vpower gas on it, new spark plugs, check all the coils, new oil change. I dumped the fuel and put in fresh gas, changed the spark plugs, put in a new battery, checked all the fuses, cleaned the fuel pump, unhooked the pump from the fuel rail to make sure it is pumping, unhooked and cleaned all the fuel lines. You proved that the starter works by ark (jumping) the contacts. Typically if compression is low, it's leaking somewhere. Yes, that could be a battery/starter motor/solenoid issue. - determined it had to be the starter itself. I tested the relay and it clicks but only h … read more. Then with the switch off you should get spark. If you have a voltmeter you can check to see. Jul 31, 2018 / Kawasaki FR651V will turn over but will not start. The starter pinion spins but is not rising to engage the flywheel. If the engine quits you have a bad neutral sensor. when it started sputtering i changed the oil again and filter. If that works run the temporary tank via the. It should flow fuel, as soon as you start cranking. Black with yellow stripe is the Kawasaki ground wiring, to confirm, do a continuity check to either the battery Negative(-) teminal, or a good frame ground. Regulator/Rectifier Wears Early. My current issue is that one of our KFX 90 Atv won’t start. Common Kawasaki FR600V Problems. I replaced the spark plugs and verified that there is spark.

Bike wont start again after it stalls out. Kawasaki Wont Start

Well I guess I fixed my bike that wouldn't start. Apr 28, 2015 / ZTR50 Wont Stay Running. 8 Common Kawasaki FR651V Problems and Fixes. Fuel pump activates with ignition as normal. New battery, fuel pump, filter, replaced rusted out fuel tank,plugs and all air filters are good. First, if the solenoid clicks, the fuel pump runs. Turn the key and all dash lights blink, and starter sounds like - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic started but now won't shift out of reverse. Upon starting it back up again after doing what I needed to do, It would not start but just clicked rapidly. One common Kawasaki FR600V problem is the engine not starting. Those KLX140 come super lean, especially on the pilot jet. This mower has the Kawasaki 20 hp engine on it. My 2010 Vulcan Voyager failed me yesterday. Kawasaki 1100 won't start!. Run the ignition switch wire to the relay, Then run a 14ga wire from the relay to the solenoid, Power the relay off the battery cable post on the solenoid with 14ga wire. It died, and they cranked it until the battery died trying to get it. 2005 Kawasaki 2000 vulcan classic wont start. Looked like the voltage regulator had quit working. Kawasaki Bayou 300: 6 Common Problems & Fixes!. Make sure you’ve attached the clip to the shut-off switch on the handlebar. Use a decent set of jumpers and attempt starting. The battery is strong and the engine turns over at a. That is what it is there for, When you turn the. 2) idle circuit in carb partially blocked. I took the covers off to find that 1 of the rocker bracket bolts had backed almost all the way out. Kawasaki Died and wont start. Hole of that valve is on the bottom, by the way. 1998 Kawasaki 1100 STX won't start doesn't turn over. I have a 06 3010 4x4 kawasaki mule that wont start. Hey fellas, 2006 brute 750 / will not start / pulled the line of the carbs and spin the engine no fuel coming out. If you have spark and the bike won't 'kick over' with starting fluid you are either waaaaay too rich or the timing is off. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, Vulcan 1500, Vulcan 2000, Vulcan 500, …. A couple weeks ago he was riding on our lease while I was cutting lanes when it shut off. It was a warm day today so I reinstalled the battery and the **** thing refuses. You have to remember that the solenoid doesn't just engage the starter motor gear with the flywheel. Otherwise, I'm not familiar with fuel injected small engines to make any positive …. A forum community dedicated to Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. Testing and Replacing a Kawasaki KLX110 Battery. Prior to me changing the belt it would start up fine. The likelihood of the CDI being the issue is low. Starter control, battery to ignition, to kill switch, to start button, to relay box pin 11. I'm amazed it even had the power to turn it over. Without knowing where exactly where everything is, the engine won't start. A Snapper lawn mower won’t start when the engine isn’t getting the fuel, air, or spark required. It has not ran since last summer and has been sitting outside all. Z400 said: I have a Kawasaki Z400 2019 it has about 5,000 miles on it. Update: Per the recommendations on Ninja250. Doing about 20 mph when it died on me. Check for starter switch power at starter solenoid. JCW said: I have a 2013 Teryx4. A zero-turn lawn mower won’t start due to a lack of fuel, air, or spark. A few more weeks, it worked fine. Battery is charged, starter is engaging but the engine still won't turn over, Anyone have any ideas. I took the carb out completely and ran compressed air through everything. :wink: [EDIT] Just for general info, as it may or may not be the problem: The fuel tap on the 800 is automatic, shut off the engine with it on RES or ON and it shuts off the gas. It was running great a few days ago but wouldnt start yesterday. a good spark and is getting fuel, compression. So I havent ridden my bike in the past 4 days so I decide to take it out. We own a 94 Bayou 300 and I'm having starting problems. If you’ve got a new battery installed and the relay looks fine, then the culprit could be the $3 button that the manufacturer installs in the factory which isn’t engaging. Before attempting to start the mower, ensure that the freewheel control -- often located at the rear drawbar or under the mower's seat -- is set to the "Engaged" position. Now power to the switch check the neutral safety switch, then the wires from the battery. Solution: Make sure the clip is in place. Bike fell over in a rain storm, since then won't start. If it does, put the plug in and it should fire. I went to start it & the battery was dead (charged it & had it tested-all was good), put it back in & it didn't want to start but it finally fired up. Batery is good, 13v, the lights…. This motorcycle has such a unique design and color range, making it attractive to both novice riders and older daredevils. We are parting out two 2021 KRX 1000. Hi all, I'm new here, I just picked up a '84 GPZ 750. 2004 Scag Tiger cub 48" STC48A 19KA / Kawasaki engine won't start/won't crank. Last week I started mowing a lawn and it suddenly bogged down and quit, it took me over an hour to get it started back up where it barely limped onto the trailer. Remove the seat, and look for the Yellow. Jun 20, 2014 / Kawasaki FH680V is hard to start. On fuse box, probe black/red, push start button and check for 12v. -Spark plugs not in good contact. Keep reading for a complete list of items affecting your starting issue along with tips to. The daybefore it was starting and running just fine. I have a Kawasaki prairie 650, wont start. If you have fuel, spark and compression I would check the lash. remove the air intake duct from the carburetor. Didn't think much of it at the time, but since then it won't start. Bikes that don’t require that the lever always be pulled in may be made to start with the transmission in neutral. The switches, buttons and, wire terminal connectors however on a unit that sits outside fighting nature is more likely the cause. I would also check your spark, if you don't have a tester, simply put a new/good plug in the coil wire and pull the cord, you should see good or bad spark. I got it home and off the truck and it started right up. When it is hot, leave throttle at idle (turtle) then start, don't play around with throttle only when engine start running then you can adjust throttle. Even if I put gas down the carb or spray ether it still won't start. Now it wont start, it sounds like it wants to though. The 3010 has an electric fuel pump. When I first replaced the starter had to turn key several times to engage engine, but would start. Keep reading for additional items to check on your Snapper lawn mower to get it up and. I also noticed gas in the breather body. Jump to Latest Im 6'1" and i can't just lean my 450F to the side and give it a kick, it won't start. I did this by just emptying one tank and running it through the system for 10 minutes and letting it sit overnight. A common problem on 4-wheelers, particularly Kawasaki Bayou and Lakota ATVs is a starter that will not engage the engine. Follow your red (+) battery cable to the relay with the two fuses. 27 HP KAWASAKI NO START / ELECTRICAL DIAGNOSIS AND …. The compression release on the right top of the engine, was put there by Kawasaki to stop shoulder dislocation. You should hear the pump start and run when you turn on the key. Moreover, it is very reasonable to install. Handlebar Buzzes During Acceleration. However, many problems exist with this one. when I goto start the bike it makes a clicking sound but wont start. I hooked it up wrong and blew the main fuse. With the clutch pull and hitting the starter it make a single click. Exmark lawn mowers, other than diesel and propane models, require unleaded gasoline that has an octane rating of 87 or greater and an ethanol content of 10% or less. Hello, i have a Kawasaki klf300 4x4 which does not start by the start button, when i get a screw driver and put it between the two posts of the solenoid it turns over but no spark, then one day i did the screw driver trick again while pressing the start button then it started to turn over by the button and it sparked, if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated. Excessive lash between the rocker arm and valve tip can keep your John Deere mower from starting. My recommendation is to start by setting the valve clearance to specifications, and then check your compression to be sure it is good. Shut-Off Chord is Not Attached. Brute force 650 won't start drove it home parked it over night next morning wouldn't start cranks over has fuel and spark but won't run. 33 volts ---Connections are clean and tight. And it gives you a fresh start. You should have power going in with the button pushed. I was wondering if the dealer shut the gas off. After putting a new fuse in, the lights all turn on the fuel pump cycles, the bike starts and promptly dies 2 seconds later. I got to a spot I wanted to cut lower so I lowered the deck. No I did not store it properly. Overall the engine is in good condition, but it really struggles to get started. with the piston above the ports, but not at TDC, slowly feed a length of rope in the spark plug hole and let it coil up in the cylinder until no more rope can be fed in. Kawasaki 2009 Mule 4010 Trans 4X4 will not start. Mostly do oil and filter changes although I recently had to adjust some bent clamps on the dirt bike handlebar. The sensors don't usually go bad but they can be tested. Went through the carbs, got fuel. I trimmed up the pressure relief valve spring in the cap and it solved the problem. 9 to 10v and I understand it requires over 10 to start. Going off of a Brute wiring diagram so your colors may vary. Check the AP diaphragm while you have it apart. When I turn the key, there's power to everything, the dash lights come and the fuel pump engages normally, but the starter doesn't seem to even make a noise. If you have power to the relay with the button pushed the relay is bad. It only has 5k miles on it and is a 2005. Also, make sure you are not trying to start with a low battery, that could be a life long effort. if that is tight take a multimeter and check to see how many volts are goin to the. It should flow fuel, as soon as you start cranking. I started the bike to warm it up, then shut off to add fuel. If your quad has spark and fuel but won’t start or has sluggish cranking, the issue might be a drained or old battery or loose/corroded terminals. One involves significant gear box noise that's audible from the passenger area when driving over 15mph. Did a compression test and it was low (about 30), but near 100. The battery is new and charged, I get a full 12+ volts on the multi meter. Check that your battery is good. I had pulled the battery and kept it on a trickle charger. and has given me NO trouble whatsoever as far as the engine goes. If there isn’t any spark visible when kicking the engine over, follow these steps: (1) Check the metal cap on top of the spark plug and make sure it is tight. Kawasaki engine won't restart after it warms up. The bike was only run on non-ethanol premium fuel. if it runs and dies, you have a fuel delivery issue. It would be impossible for me to measure 50 amp on a 30 amp main fuse. Our Mule 550 was running just fine then wouldn’t start. It is best to turn the starter 5 seconds at a time, then wait a few minutes, then do 5 more seconds etc- so you do not overheat the starter. If the crank turns and the flywheel doesn't, you know you have a sheared key. 16 Reasons a Cub Cadet Zero Turn Won’t Start: SOLVED. >press start primes as I press the start button, then fires up after 2-5seconds. Simply place one end of the voltmeter on the neg battery post the other at the starter housing, or fastener bolt. I have a 2007 Kawasaki 360 4x4 Prairie ATV that has a flashing belt light that will not reset. Pull neutral safety wire, get no click at all. I am getting the normal MIL cycle now as expected. The bike itself is connected to the negative terminal of the battery with two wires. It's been sitting for the past 2 months because of the weather, but I start it at least once a week. Quad had about 2000 miles on it. Some quick tips on determining and troubleshooting why your JOHN DEERE RIDING LAWNMOWER will not start. First though, check the battery cable connections and follow the big wires to where they go, especially the black, ground wire. 7 Switch – The bail lever is connected to the engine brake, which usually incorporates a simple on-off switch. The battery is now on a maintainer so i will have to resume tomorrow. My 2016 Kawasaki mule 4010 shut off and won't start, I have fuel pressure, it appears as though the rear cylinder has quit firing … read more. Bought new battery last night and am using a fluke true rms meter. Faulty spark plugs may result in a weak or nonexistent spark, hindering the combustion process. It wouldn't start at all, now after all the above it will start but only with starter fluid, then it runs until it is killed and will not start again unless I use starter fluid. To clear any codes enter Dealer2 mode Pull the clutch in more than 5 seconds then release it. There should be a reading or continuity between any combination. Left the bike to sit for a few days and now it won’t start. 2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R wont start- this is what happens: turn key to "on" position all lights and guages work, the starter will engage/cranks over. I tested the relay I have power to the fuel pump at the harness plug but no fuel pump. The left and right indicator lights (2009 500 LTD) should come on and be steady. Two things I found out was wrong, I inspected my exhaust filter and the metal middle part was off inside the exhaust pipe. once it starts the mid to top end is good but it will not go under like 3/8th. 5 tanks and i put 56 miles on it / loaded it the truck and today tried to start it to unload and it ran for a sec then died / …. You’ve confirmed that the gas is getting to the carb, and the spark plug is properly igniting, but your 2 stroke dirt bike won’t start. Hello, I have taken on the task of fixing a HPX gator 4x4 for a family friend. slmpcns; Topic Author; Offline; User Posts: 7 Thank you received: 0. so, I pull it out, put it to the battery +/- and just as I. I only mention this because you may have forgotten to refill the tank, the fuel gauge may be faulty, or you may have developed a fuel leak. mule 3010, and when turn the ignition key, nothing ">I have a mule 3010, and when turn the ignition key, nothing. Spark plug wrench or socket tool. The Kawasaki Bayou 300cc started production in 1988 and remained in it for more than 10 years. whenever you go into gear the solenoid should click. If the bike starts then the basic's of the engine is working. When hot, all the parts in the valve train expand, closing the normal clearance specified. About three years ago the fellow I bought it from finished using it one day, turned it off, let it cool down, hosed the tractor down and then it would not start. I go to start it and this happens (see video). Pull the fuel pump, and look at the screen to see if it's clogged. yes it could be but make sure to check the other things first. Yes, that could be a battery/starter motor/solenoid issue. 2) Check the plug to make sure it's not fouled, put new plug in if it is. Another Kawasaki FR600V problem is the …. Bobcat Toolcat 5610G, Deere X744, Cub Cadet IH 982. I checked the fuses, the tilt sensor, the fuel pump, and the fuel lines, and they all seem good. Pull and pull as I might, I'm lucky to get a couple pops and it will never start. It has been sitting for 2 years and turns over but doesn't start. It has been sitting for 18 months. Once it's warmed up, it'll start without it, but it won't when it's cold. Any dealer can hook it up to their KDS system and tell you what the problem is or you can buy your own manual and. The mower has always ran and started perfect. I've put in new fuel and installed an inline filter. Today it is still not starting. If the engine turned over at all (rotated, not started) by using the the screw driver, then disregard the. Depending on the battery level, you could have some voltage left to turn the key as well as turn on your blinker, however, turning it over would be slow and sluggish. Ignoring 1,2 and 4, confirm the clutch switch, side stand switch works. That would be a bit of tedious work. We have around 350 hours on our Mule and the original plugs. I have spark, disconnected the fuel tank and sprayed starting fluid inside intake with the throttle at full open. We did a long ride up in Maine recently. 6 Bail – Check that the bail lever cable is tight. The machine will turn over but won't fire. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, Vulcan 1500, Vulcan 2000, Vulcan 500, Vulcan 1600, Vulcan 900 and all other Vulcan motorcycles. Not sure why the Teryx needs so much juice to start. If at 0F/-17C, leave the lights on for 4~5 minutes before cranking. Take a crawl through the Ninja 650 forums, and you’ll find more than a few complaints from owners claiming their Kawasaki street bikes start but won’t stay running. When it starts (fingers crossed), let it run a bit. Sep 13, 2013 • kawasaki 2008 Teryx 750 4x4. If the voltage doesn't drop, I would work through earths then look at. Ran fine for two months and then started running rough and coughing. Absolutely no sound or nothing when trying to start. If it's not then your in tank fuel pump contacts are corroded or the pump is bad. Was running ok, turned it off and back on 2 minutes later and wouldnt start. The Battery Tender Plus shows a solid green light, which means that the battery is fully charged, yet the starter turns slow or I get that rapid clicking like you get when the solenoid won't engage. have put 2 quarts in and still doesn. Simple check for the solenoid is jump from the battery feed for the solenoid to the black wire terminal. In this video, I show how to diagnose and fix a Kawasaki Bayou 300 that will not start. [#7] Pull plugsadd a bit (small bit) of starter fluidplugs in quick, then spray it through air intake and yank the rope. Battery to the ignition switch to the bar kill switch to the start button then to the start relay in the relay box. No headlight is normal, won't come on until engine starts. To test for spark, take the spark plug out from the head, but not out of the boot. How are you guys? I have a 2012 Kawasaki ultra 300x, it just don't start. I am an electronic tech so I can check stuff out if you have any ideas. I followed the procedure to reset the light over 15 times. The main jet is usually larger and screwed onto the lower end of the needle jet, locking it into the emulsion tower and carb body. take the wires off the seat safety switch and plug them in together if it starts and runs you have 2 choices, (1) replace the switch (2) run without it. Won't start Kawasaki Vulcan 900 c changed wire harnes fuel pump and rebuilt starter bypassed tip censor have to rebuild starter again itturns but wont fire, gapped plugs and checked for spark all good … read more. - Pulled starter, it spins fine and throw-out engages. I have 2003 KFX 50 that my brothers kids used. Try it; while rolling down a hill, pull clutch lever, kill your engine. strange how these things will do , mine never used oil or smoked , an ran strong , an like i said worked that morning , shut down for 10/15 mins. Fuel system issues; Ignition system problems; Electrical system problems; Worn or damaged engine components. This might occur because of prolonged disuse, leaving …. When the ignition is on, the fuel pump cannot be heard, the starter is running, but the engine does not start (no fuel). One way to try is to turn the key to on and flip the kill switch multiple times and see if the pump primes regularly. My Kawasaki Mule had this issue even with a …. This issue could be due to various reasons. When I try starting the bike, it just does a click and buzz and then the odometer looks like it resets. The button used to start your jet ski could actually be faulty. Scag Turf Tiger randomly wont start 27hp Kaw. I have a 18 HP air cooled v-twin kawasaki in my John Deere LX 288. A faulty spark plug can render the whole system useless. Re: 1990 Kawasaki 650sx Wont start To test engine/jet pump rotation: 1. A bad starter relay can also be another reason for a jet ski not starting. Maybe one revolution but that's it. This can be caused by anything from a dirty air filter to a faulty fuel pump. ounce you find the solniod check that connection. Turn the pet-cock on AND FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE. Went to go visit a friend, shut the bike down and when I was ready to leave she wouldn't start. The common problem of the Kawasaki fx801v engine is oil leakage and engine heating issue. Have a 93 zx7r, bike was running great, went to start it and heard a clunk noise at the starter. The plugs will probably tell the tale of fuel mixture. Here is an example: “Kawasaki Mule 3010 keeps getting flat battery, won’t jump-start” (Source: Fixya) So, all these problems are regarding the battery of the Mule 3010 vehicle. Jun 4, 2019 / My Hustler Raptor stopped suddenly and wont start. Yes, it was acting funny before I had this problem. Oil level and oil pressure are completely independent. That explans the wore lobe on the cam. Owners report the noise being so unbearable that they need to buy hearing protective headsets or ear muffs just to tolerate the ride. Clip a test light to NEGATIVE battery terminal. This mower will now start about 1 out of every 40-50 attempts with the key. He recently bought it after it had been sitting for about one year. If i use the starter switch when the engine is cold it will turn over nicely but will not start. org, I drained the carburetor float bowls. I've checked the valve clearances and reset. Reasons a Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower Won’t Start 1. The Kawasaki ZZR 600 is part of the ZX-6 series, manufactured by Kawasaki for sport touring. First post so please be gentle Got a Bayou 300 that intermittently won't start, I have Replaced the CDI both with the GM bodge and the OEM part. On cold mornings it is difficult to start - it turns over quite a few times before it catches. It should be charging between 13. SOURCE: kawasaki 300 bayou won't rev up. If so, you likely clogged your carburetor, fuel filter, or the fuel. But about 50% of the time when you turn the key, you can hear (and feel) the solenoid moving in the starter motor. I Was using it on my farm to go across pastures and shut it off. It reflects problems like no dashboard lights and problems with the engine starters. There are four things to make an engine run: fuel, air, spark, and compression. You say you have spark; no need to fret over ignition coil resistances , but here they are from the Kawasaki KLR250 Supplement manual: Primary coil: 0. If it does start and dies you have to wait several minutes then it may start right back up. If it smells like old paint or stale at all you need to rid the complete system. The bike is a 2017 Versys X300 with 4500 miles and never a glitch one. If you can reach the screw turn it all the way in until snug (do not over tighten) and turn it 1-3/4 turns back out. Yes, EFI bikes are very sensitive about that (batteries). Today I am working on this Kawasaki FH601V 19. Take the plug out of the bike and put it back into the coil wire. Three things stand out: the air filtering, the engine covers, and the carburetor. Reasons a Kawasaki Engine Won’t Turn Over Kawasaki Engine: The Wrong or Old Fuel. Replaced the starting solenoid. Now it will turn over, it will fire, only with the kill wire connected. 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak 1500. New plug and my quad is running like new. Make sure its in neutral or the bike will take off. Went to start it and the starter would not turn-over the engine, just spun, here is what I have done: - Battery charged and holds 13. It turns over, I have spark and fuel to the spark plug. smoke coming out of the inside of the spark plug cap (ignition wire) when the boot is removed from the spark plug. Hello, I have a 02 (mule 3010 gas) , that usually runs everyday on a farm. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. I agree, try to jump start it from a car, if that works buy a new battery. 2008 750 teryx wont start after it gets cold but it starts good after it warms up changed plugs clean carbs adjusted vales put electric fuel pump on. This happened to me, had the clutch pulled in and nothing. Pull spark plug and take carb off. Grab a hammer or something to "brick" the gas pedal. Neither clutch is spinning in neutral. It's either sticking or too hot a temperature range. 2nd thing I fog my supercharger for over 15 sec with the engine off. A Bad Boy zero-turn lawn mower will not start when it is not getting air, fuel, and spark. The engine turns over normally during cranking, but will not fire at all. Check all the electrical connections, most importantly the kill switch as these frequently go bad (as opposed to the other components). I have a new to me 2009 Mule 4010 Trans that won't start. Owners report feeling pronounced vibrations from their bike’s handlebars. I removed the starter and tested it on the table , solenoid and starter both work outside the machine. This is what I’ve done so far:-Fully charged new battery-Check Kickstand and Down Sensor-Air filter blown out and free of debris. Replaced spark plug and connector. I had all three! When I held the spark plug next to the engine block, it would fire normally, but ultimately, after checking everything else, I figured out that my spark plug was indeed bad. He claims it ran before they parked it. Drive belt wedged between idler pulley. Requires test light (LED preferable). I've gotten it goin about five times but only for about ten seconds or so. A zero-turn mower won’t turn over because of a bad battery; loose or corroded wires; corroded terminals; a blown fuse; a bad ignition key switch; a bad safety switch; a faulty starter solenoid; or a bad starter motor. Come Sunday morning it took 2 hours to get it to fire up, temp was around 20 degrees. Diagnosing no spark and replacing ignition wires on an ez go txt golf cart. In this video, I show you what is. wont start with the start switch. This particular problem seems to be most common among owners of 2007-2010 Ninjas, many of which are available for sale on the used. Turn it slowly back out until it smooths, keep going until it starts running rough that direction, note where you're at. It was sputtering, misfiring, and after a while just wasn't s. A SCAG lawn mower won’t start when it can’t get the air, fuel, and spark it requires. It ran fine for about 2 weeks and then a new guy drove it almost the entire day with the choke on. Even though a battery displays 12v+, the amps may not be there to start it. If starting at 40F/5C, 30 seconds will help wake the battery and increase cranking performance. Bump-starting is independent of the safety switches, also, with either generation, AFAIK. The battery is good, no loose ground wires, or any other easily identified issues. I have had the same thing happen to mine. Hello all, I have a 36” Hydro Walk behind Scag. If you don't notice a strong spark between the tester terminals when your engine is. When you say it won't start, does that mean that the starter doesn't turn over, or does it turn over and the engine doesn't fire. A diy, step by step video demonstration on how to diagnose and fix a no crank, no start. If it doesn’t it’s likely the clutch switch. However, it jumps off, and soon after the engine starts, the oil starts to spewing out all across the engine bag, which is a pretty miserable situation. It stalled and I can't get it to start. It starts right up and runs good with a little squirt of starter fluid into each of the 4 carbs, but it will not start without the starter fluid. I've used the mower 3 times this year. My KFX 90 four wheeler tries to start but just won't and if…. Mule Pro FXT will not start. Filters that regulate the operation of the motor as well as the fuel pump can become clogged by dirt and debris. hi, i have a 2004 kx 250f that will not start. The result will be a better first crank, and longer battery life. I have the engine back in, all of the wires hooked up and it will not start. I pulled the starter and tested it and works fine. The bike should start up then die withen 3 seconds. The relay will provide 12v on pin 13 to the start solinoid. I broke the pull rope and after putting it back together 100 …. Scag mower won't start, trying to figure out the issue. Even if you have a new battery or you’re sure the battery is charged, a dead battery is the most common problem that occurs at the start of every summer season. Ignition switch and kill switch. The oil light and FI LED are on, but quickly turn off while cranking. It's a rope start only bike, so I mess. FH641 V hard to start hot or cold. This could happen if the bearings are going bad in th A/C pump or there is a short in it. Starting torque too high for starter. 1600 Vulcan Classic won't start. This week I replaced the spring put everything back together. So if the engine cranks, you know the issue is likely not with the kill switch. I'll assume that you see smoke when you crank the starter. I have replaced the coil, ignition module, spark plug, flywheel/crank key. Start by spraying some carb cleaner or ether into the carb or injectors and then try to start up the engine. Ground for start relay is pin 12 to clutch switch to ground with clutch lever pulled in, and through neutral switch with the clutch lever out. I have had an ongoing issue with it getting fuel. Next test is to sit on the bike, kickstand up, clutch in and start the engine in neutral, then release the clutch. Tried starting fluid and it ran 5 seconds so I figure a fuel delivery problem. My 09 Teryx won't start, it's not a battery issue, have plenty of gas, never ran it below half of a tank, I've changed out the plugs. Start the bike up and see how it runs. Sat it on the trickle charger overnight, started up beautifully the next day. Re-install plugs, and the bike SHOULD start. Re: Kawasaki 1100 won't start! difficult with the engine in the jetski, very easy with it out. put everything back together and it ran. How to Troubleshoot a Husqvarna Riding Mower That Won't Start. - swapped the starter solonoid assembly with my other 250. I don't understand it all but I had that happen to me when I had my 1600 Classic. As you coast along, turn on ignition and gently release your clutch. The longer I let it cool down the longer it will run. A battery showing correct voltage can be bad. So my issue is that it is not starting. Yamaha Vstar 250 won't start: need to diagnose and fix possible fuel, battery, or flooded carb. 01 - Kawasaki Small Engine Spark Plug. While pressing the starter button, look and see if you have spark at the plug. Kawasaki 25 hard to start when hot. i put a new spark plug in it, filled it up w/good gas & sprayed some starter fluid in the intake & nothing happened!. That having been said If it won't restart until it's cooled down the exhaust valve (and/or valve seat) may be the problem. The relay can be bypassed temporarily to check your starter for operation. In this vehicle Kawasaki mule, users face many problems. If all is well, replace the spark plug and give it a try. If that doesn't work, we'll replace the bushing in the top of the engine to not allow as much play in the gear selector shaft. GD550A/BS00 GD700A GE2200A GE2900A GE4000AS …. if voltage is low at the starter, that is not necessarily the starter. 2001 vulcan 1500 classic won't start. > You will never be able to duplicate the problem on land/trailer. Remove the plug and put plug wire back on the plug, hold the plug by the rubber part of the wire (so you don't get shocked) near the head and turn the ATV over a couple of times - if you see a spark then the plug is firing if not check your. I can keep it running if I use the throttle manually but as soon as I let the governor take over it blubbers and dies. com is the largest Kawasaki ATV owner's forum with information for the Kawasaki KFX700, Brute Force, Prairie, Bayou, Mojave, Lakota and older model Kawasaki ATV's! Full Forum Listing. The first thing to do is to disconnect the processor, clean and check the plugs and try again. Jan 2, 2012 / Kawasaki fb460v No fire #2 Re: Kawasaki fb460v No fireupdate Now I seem to have fire but the engine will not lightit puffs a bit of grey smoke like it almost wants to start but no gowould the charging coil under the flywheel have anything to do with spark strengthor is that strictly for charging a battery (this is a. Bayou 300 Won't Start: Have Fuel, Spark and Compression!. Upfront, I’ll say the symptoms and a few things I’ve tried. It will crank and crank , backfire through carb then eventually start. Now move the clip on the jet needle down one notch. It doesn't whistle anymore either. This is usually the most common for Kawasaki Mule Not Starting. Electric start not starting engine. Additionally, loose or corroded electrical. Make sure the ignition switch is OFF. It can't get that from your battery because your battery can't handle a load (that's why a load test is important. if it doesn't run at all, most likely no spark, spark at the wrong time. Right next to it is another red cable that goes to the starter. the main jet is right inside the hole, Use a can of choke spray cleaner with the little tube on the valve and stick it in the hole and spray. Darkness helps to see the spark. Before you start troubleshooting, make sure there is gas in the tank by actually looking into it. This will richen the low end mix. The following are six of the most common Kawasaki Mule 3010 problems you may run into: Carburetor problems. Now it tries to start but won't. -Fuel broken down (used stabilizer). 15 Reasons a Zero Turn Won’t Start (Complete List). Gravely/Kawasaki starter question expert help req. If it has nothing, it is a problem with the button/safety relay (it's in the rubber. I got it for a 14yr old girl and she rode it just once because the weather here has been cold and wet. So, you need to test what is happening when you thumb the starter. Behaves like battery is discharged (rapidly turning on-off starter motor, making 'clicking' sounds) though battery is fully charged (and actually was replaced to be on a safe side after couple of these cases). po replaced both coils so there is spark,replaced fuel pump,new plugs,air cleaner and still would not start. Oil light keeps blinking, but oil level is good. : { i have also thoroughly cleaned carb, and adjusted valves. Check the fuel tank to make sure you have adequate fuel in the tank. The two "metering tubes" were not clogged so I tried again. Small engine stops after a few seconds. I replaced that and it fired right up. You should have six of those connections to check. Since have checked spark with 2 different plugs, and spark ok. Unloaded the bike, tried to start, it cranked but would not start. In the manual the type and number of flashes of the FI light will tell what code it is flashing. The carb solenoid jambs a plug into the end of the main jet so the fuel can not flow through the carb. - Disconnected the mower deck v-belt from the engine and engine can be easily manually turned over. You need to troubleshoot by running the self-diagnostic procedure. Was finicky to start and stay running, so took it to my small engine shop - they cleaned carb, adjusted choke, replaced spark plug. I tapped on the igniter with a screwdriver handle and it straightened up and ran fine the rest of the day. Help support my Channel by checking out my extensive parts store here on amazon ️ Check out this page from THEMOWERMEDIC1 https://www. Once you know what it looks like, you will find it down on the frame on the two upright prongs on the right rear of the frame. 2016 Kawasaki Ninja 300 will not start. My krx doesn't want to start, stalls out. The Kawasaki mule is a robust and reliable utility vehicle, but like any mechanical device, it can sometimes fail to start. » Small Engine Troubleshooting. Because the Kawasaki Ninja 650 is a sport bike, there is no kick-start mechanism; however, the bike has a competent self-starter mechanism. Nov 4, 2017 / Kawasaki 17hp will only run on choke. The difference with this problem is that the bike cannot idle, and the engine turns off. Its getting fuel, and its got spark. Any other ideas , it also has a …. If there's no voltage, check the sensor and wiring as mentioned earlier. It started a couple of weeks ago. Quad has about 25-30 hours on it. Dr 18hp field and brush mower won't start. one of them has to be loose or corrodide. Mar 1, 2014 / Cub Cadet with 22 hp Kawasaki hard to start. SOLVED: My 2006 kx450f will not start. 8 possible causes and potential solutions. Ignition turns, engine won't start problem. This is not always the issue but very commons on Kawasaki’s. Batery is good, 13v, the lights light. I mean, it may give one exhaust note every few seconds, like it catches once, but mostly it's just a whining sound from the starter and gears. a month ago from film date on March-20-20 (3-20-20), the mo. Pull the rubber boots back on the connections from the battery and starter on the exterior of the electrical box. The pickup coils on the Kawasaki’s with the factory supplied electronic ignition can sometimes fail or become intermittent due to heat and vibration. Confirm the high beam indicator is coming on each time you're in high beam. Take caution when working on your mower. SOURCE: kawasaki kmx 125 2002 wont start. Also make sure you have the petcock switched to the reserve position if the gas is. This may be due to a plugged air filter, incorrect choke setting, bad spark plug, plugged fuel filter, clogged fuel line, bad fuel pump, dirty carburetor, or old gas. Regulator/Rectifier Wears Early. Runs for a few seconds and dies. If it starts that way you have carb issues. I'm new to Kawasaki so I'm not sure what's wrong please help. Cub Cadet with 22 hp Kawasaki hard to start. It was dripping so i got a new one. it ran fine and then up and wouldn't start, not turning over, the only noise is a clicking. Step-3: Check the ignition coil and change if necessary. Set it between the two points Edited by Rick on 4/23/2010 at 11:20 PM EST. the bike will sputter on kick and just ackfire when pull. 2006 Mule 3010 Trans 4x4: Essex Mfg. I was riding one day, all was well. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Pulled over and put in neutral. I dumped the fuel and put in fresh gas, changed the spark plugs, put in a new battery, checked all the fuses, cleaned the fuel pump, unhooked the pump from the fuel rail to make sure it is pumping, unhooked and cleaned all the fuel lines. This means that the gears needed to be shifted swiftly and deliberately to get them to move into the next gear. follow the main power wire from the battery and youll find your starter solniod. fix it yourself & save that money !! 2guys how2. I have a 2003 Kawasaki Prairie 650 with under 300 miles. Changed: drained gas, new battery, new spark plugs, oil …. If the engine quits you have a bad neutral sensor. Drained Battery Cause A drained battery is a common reason why your Kawasaki Mule won’t start. Its a 81 KZ550 LTD that I found for $500 when I went to buy it from the previous owner he started it up no problem, I took it for a spin and it ran like a raped ape so I gave him the money and took it home. Imagine riding on the trails and starting to feel the heat from the vehicle so unbearable that you have to exit and let it cool down. Sometimes the throttle gets corrosion on the throttle position sensor. Thanks Mazdaparts, unfortunately beyond warranty. It has never had a problem starting up in the cold or anything. It has been to the dealer 3 times. before you replace the starter, check the grounding of the starter. Take a tester and see if you have 12v+ on the brown wire at the relay. The average volt level for lawn mower batteries is usually 12 volts. It's been great till recently I had 3 weak starts and now nothing. You are using an out of date browser. Check if any fuses are blown, and check to make sure the battery terminals are corrosion free and properly tight. It was running great until now. FA130D/AS18 FA130D/AS20 FA130D/AS21 FA130D/AS61 FA130D/AT62 FA130D/BS07. >press start button -> does not start, keeps priming the fuel. The engine in the Mule Pro FXT is subject to wear and tear over time, which can cause it to fail. Kawasaki Ninja Won’t Start Clicking Noise If your Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle won’t start and you hear a clicking noise, it could be an indication that the battery is not providing enough power to …. It turns over fine with the new battery but won't fire unless fuel is put in spark plug. Kawasaki FR691V-AS29 won’t start. i have replaced the cdi, the coil and spark plug boot, the stator, and the neutral switch to no avail. No matter how much you try, the ATV will not start with the switch turned off. I would turn the gas off, take the bike somewhere warm, eat your wheaties, and kick that bitch without any gas and with the pet-cock off until it sputters. Let’s dig in and see if we can fix it. If that works run the temporary tank via the. Here are the top 5 reasons why your PWC won’t start, I’ll go over each one in the next sections. Take a screwdriver and jump these two posts. Kawasaki Motorcycles ; KLR/KLX 125/140/230/250/300 ; 2021 KLX230 Won't start, engine light is on, no codes. recently our DR 18hp field and brush mower (Kawasaki FS541V engine) broke down and wouldn't start. Posted by jodsters3 on Mar 12, 2014. I have a new (12 hours) JD EZ Trak that will not start. Starter turns but will not turn motor…. The starter pinion spins but is not rising to engage the flywheel. I drove and started it multiple times before it refused to restart. The ultimate test of the petcock is to pull the gasoline supply hose and put the open end into a catch can, and then crank the starter motor. It’s only for installing so timing won’t be wrong. One of the common difficulties riders may face with the Kawasaki ZRX is a failure to start the motorcycle. 1991 BMW E30 - knocking when put into 1st. Then, you may wipe it with a brush and liquid detergent. Tried light switch (push button) with key on and off and no lights either. Check Your Battery and Fuel Level. I have a Kawasaki FC420V in a John Deere LX182 that won't start. Make sure you’ve attached the …. Many MULE SX owners have complained about ignition issues. Check to make sure it is plugged in, also check fuses on charging circuit and then put a volt-meter at battery terminals. This issue is very closely related to the transmission problems above. Number one: check all your connections. Remove the starter assembly and inspect it to determine if it is working properly. Run boosters from the battery directly to a good ground on the engine and directly to the + on the starter. (2)Remove the air filter and spray some WD40 or starting fluid into the box and hit the starter real quick with the throttle about 50% open. Found this thread so I did the valve …. JohnDeere318Guy Discussion starter. Professional mechanic since the late 70's on Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, Jonsered, John Deere and others. Before you tear it off you might try hot soaking it in a heavy solution of sea foam (1 can in 1 gallon of gas). Pulled starter, checked it out, seems fine. I recently had to reset the belt and so I did. I finished my top end rebuild, ended up having to purchase a set of heads. I have a 2009 Kawasaki brute force 750 4x4i. Then drain out your gas tank and put some nice fresh fuel in it with good quality oil and put a little bit of carburetor cleaner in it. If this doen't fix, you have other issue. Jul 31, 2018 / Kawasaki FR651V will turn over but will not start. Next, make sure the kill switch is working and in the run position. However, even with the ZZR 600’s fast and powerful road bike package, aerodynamic bodywork, and great specs, certain problems. I have been having in intermittent problem with starting. Take a look at the parts diagrams on Kawasaki. Turn the fuel petcock to PRI (prime) and try again. If the FI light is on then the computer is telling you to check something. It's got a good spark and is getting fuel, compression seems to be good. Rode it to lunch after lunch went out side to start it and the bike would not even crank over starter solenoid would not even click. When I tried starting the bike, it turned over for about five seconds and then suddenly hit 7k RPM. Two other annoying problems came up on older pre-2019 models of the Teryx. It wont start and he doesnt know whats wrong with it. I can get it start if I give it wide open throttle, but then it will just die again. The first flash is always a LONG (1 sec) followed by either LONG or SHORT (0. If not make sure the fuel tap is set to the on or run position. KAWASAKI ENGINE REPAIR SO SIMPLE THAT IT WILL BLOW …. Check the battery voltage before you hit the button - it should be 12. If still no bueno, it's a timing issue. Reset everything and went through the books but it just turns over and over. KLR650 turns over but doesn’t start. Nov 21, 2021 / Kawasaki Mule 4010 won't start #9. Kawasaki FR600V owners should always check the air filter first when troubleshooting this problem. ottawa1552534 Discussion starter. 6-pin diagnostic connector at the rear of the engine bay, just under the seat. repeat opening and grounding the lead more than 5 times with in 2 seconds keep grounded for more than 2 seconds. The bike wouldn't start when hot unless I gave it some throttle while cranking or opened up the tank and relieved pressure. Next, see if when you push the starter button the solenoid clicks and the dash light slightly dim. All the bikes have them, dealers, and factories will reset it before and after they reflash the ecu. 2 stroke has fuel and spark but won’t start. The mower will not start unless I spray starter fluid. So it's not the battery, as far as I can tell. I checked all fuses, connections, wires, battery, etc. Also there may be corrosion and dirt at the main fuse plug-in points and the fuse terminals. My current issue is that one of our KFX 90 Atv won’t start. Prime suspect is bad power cables. i changed the oil ,put royal purple max cycle 20-50 oil in. Clean it out and try to start the bike after fresh gas fills the float bowl. Jet Ski Won’t Start & How to Fix It">20 Reasons Why Your Jet Ski Won’t Start & How to Fix It. The bike had been running but was stored for a couple of months and, now, won't idle. You can test this with a battery booster. The bike won't start when the starter button is depressed. Posted: 4/13/2021 11:51:44 AM EST. Furthering the clutch lever switch issue, make sure your transmission is in neutral. Usually this won’t fix any mechanical problems like you’re. Their main issue was that the vehicle suddenly and unexpectedly stalled on them when they were driving it. it wont keep any power you have to keep tapping the throttle to get it to go and then when you get a little speed it cuts out and now it wont turn over … read more. The suggested headlight-on time before cranking depends on the temperature. FH500V kawasaki dying without choke (FIXED). I pulled the plug and cleaned it, it ran for about 15 seconds and died again. This is what i did before the problem: Just got back from redcreek mudfest ran great all weekend, but it did burn 2. There was much speculation about kill switches and clutches, but the problem appears to be unresolved on the many Kawasaki forums. I was told by kawasaki technician it was ignition. The starter motor will spin just fine, but the engine won't turn over. In this blog Kawasaki Mule won’t start, We explain 15 common reasons for this problem with unique solutions. My Kawasaki FJ180V, actually a FJ180V-AM75-M on a MTD Advance 53 SPKHW, does not start. Re: kawasaki sts 750 cranks, but won't start ??? fill the tank all the way up (helps it start aka more pressure in the fuel system if you have a leak). Neutral position switch is good.