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To answer your question OP the TSX bullet with a MV of 2400 FPS through a 16 inch 300 Blackout barrel will drop to 2000 FPS at about 125 yards and 1900 around 150 yards. This 150-grain soft point features a muzzle velocity of 1,900 fps. For more info, go to the AAC 300 Blk site. I measured some american eagle 150 factory and it’s much shorter. It shares ballistics similar to those of the popular AK-47 cartridge, the 7. Speer Gold Dot is a marked exception. The 300 BLK can be made from modified. Quality 300 Blackout projectiles are indeed quite limited, but you don't need to buy the 110 or 120 TAC-TX exclusively. Check out our prices and free shipping. (Super cheap) I don't hunt big game with ss, but it does the trick on everything else. Known for its ability to deliver heavy subsonic bullets for standard AR magazines while cycling the action in suppressed applications, it also works well with lighter supersonic loads, offering a similar external ballistic performance to the …. FWIW we had a primer pop at 17. Reloading data is available as low as 99¢ per cartridge or as a subscription for $19. I have varget, w231, unique, bullseye, and red dot on hand. Ammo Cans; AR-15 Conversion Kits; Gun Cases & Storage; 300 AAC Blackout - 150 Grain FMJ - Fiocchi - 500 Rounds. 62X51 20″ BARREL 30-06 SPRINGFIELD 5th group-. 300 AAC Blackout round with a 150 grain boat tail jacketed round 2. 3 gr 1658 fps I would like to tighten up the 100 yd groups. just an update on my load i settled on for the hornaday 125 grain sst for the 300 blackout. The below plate was shot at 300 yards. Click to expand Tap to zoom 300 Blackout SCS® TUI® - 150Gr Ammo by Fort Scott Munitions. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS) 150 Hornady Accurate AAC-9 10. 300 AAC loads fire a light 90-125 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,200-2,600 feet per. I can't guarantee that you'll be ok with straight. 3 grains I saw this on a gun forum, I haven't tried it yet h110. 5 Ramshot Enforcer Lake City Federal 205 16. 8 fps with a standard deviation of 29 fps. Subsonic 300 Blackout has some of the best terminal ballistics of any subsonic round. 0 grains of Lilgun, CCI 400 primer, and 1. Velocity (FPS) Energy (ft/lb) 2375. The Wilson Combat handguard uses M-LOK and is very slender. [ETA] QuickLoad says if you want your blackout to go faster, reduce bullet weight (175 gr SMK) and run about 17gr IMR4198. Adding a suppressor gave you a potent law enforcement or military asset. I'm shooting a Remington 700 AAC-SD in. 300 Blackout load data and questions. 110 GR Hornady V-MAX, 150 GR Hornady SST, 125 GR Sierra …. Check out Johnny‘s reloading bench on YouTube he’s got quite the series on the 300 blackout. The only tag these loads won't fill is the price tag. 300 AAC Blackout, Number of Rounds: 20, Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJBT), Bullet Weight: 150 grain, Cartridge Case Material: Brass, Muzzle Velocity: 1900 ft/s, Ammunition Application: Target Shooting, Package …. LilGun n 296 have very similar load data FYI You will be very surprised at how well LilGun will work with the 147 gr bullet. Besides the easy conversion between 5. 250 ogive method to determine OAL with your bullet. 5744 is characterized by excellent ignition and consistency over a very wide performance range. 0 gr of Red Dot under a 110 gr Vmax, or 5. 8gr AR2205, 208gr AMax, Fed GM, OAL 2. 30-30 is a definite cut above, with some 20% more velocity and 37% more energy at the muzzle (both with 150-grain bullets). I have a 7" barrel with a relatively cheap AR_Stoner barrel from Midway. JasonPegg wrote: Hey guys, I am fairly new to reloading. One of my favorite loads with it, the 110gr V-max MINIMUM load is compressed, the max load of 23. The ability to shoot 30 caliber bullets from a standard AR-15 M16/M4 style rifle by simply changing the barrel and ammunition has made the 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) a popular choice for AR shooters looking for an alternative to 223 Remington/5. 62×39 in all relevant areas: velocity, energy, trajectory and terminal performance. Hunting: Think of the 300 HAM'R as a 300 Blackout on steroids, in the hunting field the HAM'R will substantially outperform the BLACKOUT or 7. With a Berry 150 grain Flat Nose plated Swaged Lead bullet in the same AR had to be single shot loaded: 15. 300 AAC Blackout puts added stopping power in the M4/AR-15 platform while maintaining a high magazine capacity. 300 blackout ammunition with sub- or supersonic capabilities, lighter or heavier grain. 308) and 130 grain ttsx bt 300 blackout (. Other, slower, gunpowders often used for 357 Max are H4227 and Accurate 1680. I would think a 16" barrel would get you there. So with 500 more 180gn blemished bullets on order, I figured I'd work up a small batch of 180gn test rounds. Lehigh Defense Load Data Library. I have been testing with the Lee 150 gr fn. need load data for 130 grain barnes tsx bt 300 blackout (. I'm sure its OK, with saybarnes $1. If you use a can make sure to test without can first to make sure bullet is stable coming out of barrel. 300 AAC Blackout name), our nations Special Operations Forces wanted a weapon system that could switch between sub-sonic and super-sonic rounds effectively and quickly, from a …. You can also find some good load data on other forums in their reloading sections. TTSX require 2000 fps to expand. 308 115 gr HP Varm #2116 at 2290 Feet per Second. All of these named cartridges are nearly identical in dimensions and could probably use each others' loading data without any problem. 300 savage featured either a 150 grain bullet at 2630fps, or a 180 grain bullet at 2350fps. Supersonic starting at 16 grs and ending at 19. Consistent penetration and expansion through common barriers. ok been trying to search the reloading search feature but not having any luck. Include (copy and paste and fill in): Supersonic or …. I was at Cabelas flipping through several reloading manuals and could not find 147 gr. Every round of Hornady ® Custom™ ammunition is. Though, I don't plan on using it for 110-130gr especially once I obtain some H110. Mostly because it is readily available and seems to be a top choice for the mid-weight 300 AAC blackout bullet choices. I have a guy loading for me right now, i don't have a reloader as of yet, my initial batch is for 300 rounds, the bullet weights for my 20 test rounds that he did up for me with my supplied components are, 143grn HPBT, I selected Hodgdon Lilgun for the powder, charge is 17. unit rifle Powder Grains FPS Grains rifle Powder Grains. Here is a loaded question for everyone. 63 Mauser, and 30 USA, and dozens more this is a very popular size bullet for both NATO and U. 300 AAC Blackout 150 Grain Soft Point Centerfire Rifle Ammo, 20 Rounds, 300BLKB, MPN: 300BLKB, UPC: 604544650488, Code: 92D-LAR-FPRA196-300BLKB Compare ( 0 ) 1 item has been added. 5 seems a little to hot giving me 1983 fps average. I've used Unique and Sierra 220 gr RN lightly tumble lubed with 45/45/10. Redding also makes dies, and along with the Wilson ammunition, the Hunting Shack in Montana also makes HSM. If I do this the bullet is just inside the case neck. 300 AAC Blackout, but suitable for a wide variety of rounds, including smaller capacity …. H110 is what I use, as well, because I am shooting 150 grain FMJ bullets, at supersonic speeds, out of a 16" barrel. Select other category options to refine your search. I'm setting up to start loading 300 Blackout. (These are basically the same round 308 varmint round running at 300blk velocities) Self/Personal defense (or SHTF). 200" 300 Blackout 125 GR NOS BT Hodgdon Trail Boss. I've used Berry's 150gr flatnose plated bullets (currently sold out for a few months per communication with Berry's) in my Remington 700 300 BLK subsonic and in my Handi Rifle 300 BLK subsonic with excellent accuracy results. Faxon Match Series Barrel AR-15 Pistol 300 AAC Blackout 1 in 8" Twist 9" Gunner Contour Pistol Length Gas Port 5R Rifling Stainless Steel Nitride with Nickel Teflon. 300 B150 FMJ-B200 is the name of the round magazine included in this 300 AAC 200 round ammo Can. I'm running Hornady 150gn FMJBTs and 150gn soft point core loks over 15. 309 diameter and cover a wide range of cartridges. 338 Spectre Expanding Subsonic Bullets (Box Qty - 50) !!!!! DO NOT USE THIS BULLET IN 8. 300 Ham’r has noticeable velocity and energy advantages over factory. 300 blackout light loads for bolt rifle. Posted July 9, 2019 (edited) I've been shooting Hornady 110gr RN out of my 16" AR, pistol length gas system, M4. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 308, 150, Nosler BalTip 30150 Useable Case Capaci: 18. One of the most widespread of these alternatives is the. +Save now with Free Shipping, easy checkout, no taxes and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. ♦ Great for 300 Blackout reloading 300 Blackout ammo. Supersonic and subsonic loads are available; supersonic rounds are better for hunting. Anyone loading 300 blackout with H110 and Hornady 150 gr FMJ? Loaded a dummy round to set COL at 2. There are differing experiences and opinions on the reliable expansion of the SST bullet at 300 Blackout velocities. I custom make all of my rounds for my 300 AAC Blackout and just started using the Hornady 150gr FMJ BT. I am loading Sierra 150gr Spitzers to 2. There are different opinions about the need for magnum primers with H110 in 300 BLK. Sheet1 Bullet Grains,Bullet Company,Bullet Type,Powder Company,Powder Type,Start Grains,MIN Velocity,Ft. Max713 wrote: Picking up 500 180gr pills for next to nothing, hoping to try to work up a sub load with them. 308 Expanding Subsonic Blackout Bullets (Box Qty - 50) In Stock 11. That’s 503 yards and is the farthest distance at which you can reasonably expect to hit your target with the cartridge. Re: Need load data for 147 grain FMJ please. Posted: 12/15/2015 8:22:11 PM EST. 300 AAC Blackout, Number of Rounds: 20, Bullet Type: Spitzer Flat Base, Bullet Weight: 150 grain, Cartridge Case Material: Brass, Muzzle Velocity: 1900 ft/s, Muzzle Energy: 1202 ft-lbs, Ammunition Application: Deer, Package Type: Box, Primer Location: Centerfire, Lead Free. 5 Primer 1822fps(avg) I didn't delve too deep into accuracy testing bet the load seems well suited for a blaster load. Rifle reloading – handloading data for rifle calibers. Five-shot groups were shot at 50, …. The Sierra 150 FMJ that does have data for CFE BLK seems more interchangeable with the Hornady as far as length of bullet goes. Using bullets from Hornady V-Max, Berger TGT FB, Nosler BT, Speer HP, Sierra HPBT, Nosler HPBT, Hornady InterBond, Hornady BTHP, Speer SP, Hornady A-Max, Berger TACT. This product is fulfilled by a PSA Partner and shipping times may vary. deltaco; Aug 2, 2015; Replies 4 Views 898. W296 will get you better velocity then 4227 without pressure signs. So in terms of stability with a 7. and Remington in order to provide the military with a way to shoot. 25 a shot bullets but what about the cheaper smks, tmks, amaxs and the such? Since we are not shooting these bullets 500+ yards. I used Lee dies to help form my brass. The cavity is capped and filled by a flat-nose polymer insert. Note: 155 GR bullets can be used for all 150 GR data listed. Home; 30-30 Winchester Load Data; 30-30 Winchester Load Data. What the Sticky was saying is some trouble could be encountered with cycling if your 16" rifle uses a carbine.

">150 gr bullet loaded with H110 for the 300 Blackout. 300 Blackout Load Data 150 Grain

It will not run my 16" pistol-gas Noveske reliably while still staying subsonic, although the heaviest. 4gr max for 1850 fps 178/180gr: AA1680 start 13. H110 is supposed to be very consistent/accurate with lighter weight bullets, but dosen't play well with heavier bullets, and once you start approaching max loads, the difference between a safe, comfortable load and an overpressure load may be only a few tenths of a grain. 62x40mm, the HAM’R uses shorter bullets in the 110-­ to 150-­grain weight range.

While they were very accurate, this is about the lower limit for proper expansion downrange, so that may limit their usefulness for hunting. 130s are a little too slow to really see their full potential beyond 75/80 yds. Here are all of the 9th updates for Blackout: Hornady wrote: Page 380, 300 Whisper/AAC Blackout – Case schematic and case (max and trim) lengths are from an.

Lbs,MAX Grains,MAX Velocity,Ft.

We worked with engineers from Springfield Armory to create Custom Shop loads specifically designed for the utmost performance from the new Model 2020 Waypoint rifle. Alliant Power Pro 300-MP Lake City Federal 205 14. Cast Bullet 300 Blackout Load Again. Some 300 BLK loaders say H110 does well for up to 150 gr.

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The cavity is capped and filled by a flat-nose polymer insert. IMPORTANT: Please view the special notes by clicking here. Simply put, the 220-grain subsonic loads will not give you that performance on a deer. 30 caliber bullet can be made especially long, and as the result may weigh up to 220 grains — quadruple the weight of the typical 223 Rem round’s.

For more than 150 years Winchester Repeating Arms has created some of …. The problem with 150g subs is a lack of pressure. I did x2 five shot strings for a total of ten(10) shots fired. Best for ARs: Federal Fusion MSR 150-grain. What we have is an available case volume of 25. brush busting ability in an AR-15 frame still working on that part ( can not find 30/30 150 gr round nose bullets right now) the load data I was able to find on Hodgdon web sight was for a 230. Excellent 300 Blackout round for deer and hog. 56 - H335 - AA2230 - AA2200 (versatile and clean burning in wide variety of bullet weights) - CFE223 (excellent for 69 grain loads). The standard disclaimers about internet load data applies: 165/168 gr: AA1680 start 14. Any other pertinent data to sucessuly reload a 150 grain boat tail round into a. I am new to the 300 AAC blackout I have been working on mine for a year, I found data on it pushing a 150gr bullet my desire is to get the 30/30 Win. Super accurate in my 300blk ar. Custom and Precision Ammunition!! www. fellas2; Dec 16, 2020; Replies 1 Views 549. 5" barrel getting 500+ below published data from nosler and Sierra. All loads were tested for velocity using both 16- and 9-inch barreled weapons. One of my favorite loads with it, the 110gr V-max MINIMUM load is compressed, the max load of 23. 308150BLKGDB Propellant Case Primer Weight (grains) Muzzle Velocity (feet/sec) Weight (grains) Hodgdon Lil' Gun Lake City Federal 205 20. the bullet went in thru the rear of the rib cage into the chest. With a Berry 150 grain Flat Nose plated Swaged Lead bullet in the same AR had to be single shot loaded: 15. Ideal for competitive shooting or wherever high accuracy is paramount. 300 AAC Blackout loads, try 0,68 g of N120 with 13,0g/200 gr Lapua FMJBT bullet. 136-300BLKC | Fiocchi Ammunition.

In total, 17 different types of. Getting serious now with reloading 300 Blackout. The velocity for the 150 grain bullet is 1940, which is around 100 fps less than Lil Gun, but the pressure is only 33k psi. The 300 AAC Blackout (300 BLK) is a popular alternative cartridge in the AR-15/M16 M4 (AR) community. Based on feedback from shooting experts, the best barrel length for. It is the most economical way to get dependable performance. I've gotten 1936 fps using 17. I've been working with the 300 blackout for a while now. 100 yards - 2250 fps / 1349 ft.

PR Contact: Aaron Oelger pr@hodgdon. The powders I use for this bullet in the 300BLK AR, CFEBLK, H110, Lil Gun, IMR 4198, IMR 3031, IMR 4227 and Unique. It is the most economical way to get dependable performance. Their results were spectacular. Today I checked the velocities of a 300 Blackout 120 grain Remington load and a 110 Vmax handload from a 16″ barrel. An ideal solution for loading 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, and even 410-bore shotshell ammunition, its high loading density provides optimal velocity. Lehigh Defense Load Data Library. 223, then that is a different story. Re: 150gr Speer penetration/expansion test. I want this to be only load data for under 150gr subsonic single shot loads. According to published data it produces the fastest bullets at 150. they offer some loads for 168 Gr. Cast Bullet 300 Blackout Load Again. Subsonic 300 Blackout loads have less range than supersonic loads. Most accurate and functional: 10. Another Case Lube Option For Reloading. Well, I'll contribute by adding the 3 loads that I've worked up for my 9". All plated bullets are crimp sensitive, Berry's has a video about crimping on their website. 3 grains I saw this on a gun forum, I haven't tried it yet h110. It excels in the AR-15 platform, as long as you keep it away from.

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300 Black Out Cast Bullet Load Conformation. 2 grains) using the same bullet (143-grain FMJ) loaded in the 308 Winchester - they used IMR 4350 performance as a reference. I recently bought reloading equipment for my son-in-law and grandsons to reload the. 511g of that, so the powder will be right at …. 368” and Case Trim Length should be: 1. Lehigh Defense has bullets for this and load data to go along with it. 5 Star Rating on 11 Reviews for this ammo. Location: Western slope Colorado. Start with published starting loads at. 56 - H335 - AA2230 - AA2200 (versatile and clean burning in wide variety of bullet weights) - CFE223 (excellent for 69 grain loads). 6gr so I did not even shoot the loads of 19. A suppressed, short-barreled rifle is a mighty good home defense device. 300 Weatherby Mag 190gr CX [PDF] 300 Winchester Mag 190gr. I am interested in the combinations you all are running. The version of the browser you are using is no longer supported. Winchester 296 is also recommended for 410-bore AA loads. I fugure that a good blinking round would be the Hornady 125 gr FMJ. If you run the numbers for 110,125, 150 grain bullets at your chosen barrel velocity, it always comes out the same within 200 yards. Remember that all data was safe at the. This 150-grain soft point features a muzzle velocity of 1,900 fps. Federal Fusion MSR ammo is packaged in boxes of 20 and case of 200 with free shipping available on full case quantities. Used a CMMG carbine gas, 16" 8 twist barrel from Midway and screwed it onto a AP flat top upper. Consider the range of powders for a 220 grain sub will include AA#2, Bullsye and a couple Dot powders on the high end, LT 30, 4198 on the low end, you probably have something on the shelf that works well.

300 Blackout reloading data. Need 150gr Hornady SP's load data help » 300BlkTalk. Links to published Data added ">Powders For the 300 blk. SierraHunter's 300 blackout thread. 300 ACC BLACKOUT 30-30 WINCHESTER (NEW!) 308 WINCHESTER 7. Got my Hornady edition 9 this week and it has the longest section of 300 AAC in it. Foghorn's 300 AAC Blackout Load Data. 300 blackout loading data for rem 700 16 inch bbl. Poor terminal performance with 300BLK 150 gr SST. Hodgdon Lil Gun » 300BlkTalk. unit rifle Powder Grains FPS Grains rifle Powder Grains. Powder: H4350 REM 9½M Case: Powder: H4350 REM 9½M. Berry's plated 150 gr bullet » 300BlkTalk. 300 Blackout, Supersonic vs Subsonic. TFB Round Table: Selecting the Best 300 AAC Blackout Hunting …. Winchester Deer Season XP Ammo 300 AAC Blackout 150 Grain Extreme. • Primer, propellant, bullet and case are optimized for hunting in MSR actions. Explore the world of Nosler, renowned for crafting the finest bullets, ammunition, rifles, and brass. Load Catalog: Supersonic H110, 110gr through 150gr. Loads » 300BlkTalk">Light Weight subsonic Single Shot Loads » 300BlkTalk. Different 300 Blackout Loads' Terminal ">Breaking Down 5 Different 300 Blackout Loads' Terminal. LILGUN Powder in the 300 Blackout. Ultimate Guide to 300 Blackout. Loaded these 125 grain bullets for my 300 BLK. 300 AAC BLK using Hornady 165 gr BTHP and 5744. Shooter's Reference Cartridges. 300 Blackout (Pistol Loads). Barnes 300 Blackout Ammo & Ammunition. 300 AAC Blackout Load Data">Lee Precision, Inc. The 300 Blackout: A Great Choice For Deer Hunting. Clearance + Free Shipping over $49. 150 grain H110 loads? » 300BlkTalk. Load Catalog: Subsonic A1680, above 200gr » 300BlkTalk. 3 gr 1658 fps I would like to tighten up the 100 yd groups. 8 x 56 Mannlicher Load Data 10/20/2011 1:03 pm Loading Data; 300 AAC Blackout Load Data 11/01/2017 10:31 am Loading Data; Rifle Dies; 45 ACP large primer load data vs. Anyone Loading 200gr Berry's Using CFE BLK? (300 Blackout). Reloading Data Center – Hodgdon Reloading Data Center. Best Subsonic 300 AAC Blackout Ammo. Try some 180 round noses, start at 11. The shorter length than previously posted by others had no ill effects that I could tell. 5 inches high at 100 yards, the bullet lands 1. Click here to download Sierra Bullet’s 300 AAC Blackout Load Data for the 5th Edition Manual. Google "300 aac blackout load data". Well, I'll contribute by adding the 3 loads that I've worked up for my 9". Lightweight Subsonic Bullets in the 300 Blackout. gr sst load data » 300BlkTalk">125 gr sst load data » 300BlkTalk. Hodgdon updated Lil Gun loads??? » 300BlkTalk. 300 AAC BLACKOUTAnyone load Heavy Supersonic???. 168 SMK Subsonic Data Needed » 300BlkTalk. 300 AAC Blackout Reloading Data. load data help » 300BlkTalk">Need 150gr Hornady SP's load data help » 300BlkTalk. What's the Best Barrel Length for. 147 fmj 300 blackout loads. Anyone using 110 VMAX 300BO?.