Nachhaltige Proteine aus Nutzinsekten

Organic Fertilizer

LARVEST organic fertilizer

100% organic all-purpose fertilizer made from mealworm excrement (Tenebrio molitor).
Particularly well suited as a soil activator and compost accelerator.


500g pack

5,90€  plus shipping

Suitable for: Vegetable plants, fruit plants, ornamental plants, flowering plants.

Instructions: Store dry and protected from sunlight at +5 to +35 °C. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Close opened package tightly. 

Application:  As needed, weekly one tablespoon for small plant pots (< 20 cm diameter), 2-3 tablespoons for large plant pots (> 20 cm diameter), in beds 50-70 g/m².
Simply distribute superficially and water in. Alternatively, you can dissolve the fertilizer in the irrigation water and pour (recommended for larger areas).


Organic matter in dry matter

88,0 %

N – nitrogen

3,8 %

P – P2O5 phosphate

3,8 %

K – K2O potassium oxide

3,0 %

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