Nachhaltige Proteine aus Nutzinsekten

Feeding the world – with insects!

Insects, such as mealworms, will play an important role in the future for feeding a growing world population: We produce sustainable insect-protein from side streams!


Insects can revalue low-quality residues – without using much water, energy, and space


Animal proteins and fats in high purity and quality – ideal as feed for livestock and pets.


A local network of production and processing means short transport routes and the best quality control

· Our technology ·



Real-time monitoring of insect rearing using imaging spectroscopy
enables us to accurately track

  • growth parameters
  • bio-chemical composition of larvae and insect products
  • diseases and impurities


Technique for supplying wet feed, including micronutrients and supplements through a squeezable gel:
This enables targeted feeding of larvae with high cost efficiency.


Customized Insects

Combined, these two technologies enable us to optimize insect larvae for the specific needs of our customers.

For example, the amino acid or lipide profile can be adjusted. In addition, hormones or vitamins can be enriched in mealworms using special processes.

Contact us if you are interested in insect larvae tailored to your needs.

· Our team ·

Anja Harsch

With her background in innovation management, Anja ensures that everything always goes according to plan.

Thomas Lanners

Thomas has worked as a consultant for sustainable agriculture around the world and leads our science division.

Robin Huniar

Coming from a corporate and startup consulting background, Robin is the problem solver across the board.

Benjamin Bailer

The biotechnologist is working on optimizing insect breeding technically and logistically.

Supported by a network of business and science.

Why mealworms?

Insects are the most sustainable natural source of animal protein. In comparison with beef, the differences become clear:

12x less feed consumption

2500x less water usage

100x less greenhouse gases

10x less space

100x faster growth

200x less land-usage

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